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Our Clients

Dare to Dream

We have a large group of young professionals who we are working with to get them on the road to success. Many are on good incomes and require advice and direction to ensure that they are meeting their goals

" Coghlans Wealth have been fantastic in helping me achieve my goals and have helped me along the way

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Building for the future

Panu, specialises with working with this group of clients. They are generally aged between 30-50 working hard in their careers and busy with their families. They juggle many lifestyle changes and may require guidance on purchasing their first home, upgrading to a larger home, taking time off work to start a family and saving for children’s education.

For these people, Panu's advice and guidance provides confidence when making these significant decisions.

Thinking about retirement


Many of these people are just like Stuart. Having turned 50 they are enjoying the success of having built good careers and start to see retirement on the horizon. Their biggest questions are 'Have I got enough for my retirement?' and 'What can I do to have the life I want?' 

Stuart has been invaluable in ensuring that we are heading in the right direction and has been proactive in handling all of our financial & tax affairs making sure that nothing is missed.

Andrew S - Senior Executive

Enjoying retirement

Stuart works closely with his clients how are enjoying retirement and spending all of their children's inheritance. The main questions that Stuart deals with are: 'Am I on track?' 'Will I be able to do all that I want in retirement?' And 'Can I afford to help out my children?'

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