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Your Personal Trainer for your Money

Having listened to feedback from our clients, we have created a Spending and Saving Program specifically aimed at people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who want to achieve financial independence.


These clients want to achieve a goal or solve a problem.  Typically they want direction and guidance with:


  • Understanding where your money goes

  • Determining the best way to use it

  • Buying or upgrading your home


You may think that as a young professional you can’t afford advice, but in fact, affordable advice from us will reward you with the financial freedom you desire.


We have a wealth of experience tailoring advice to meet your goals and solving your problems.  We only work with people just like you which means we are ‘EXPERTS’ at these specific goals and problems.


To start Your Money PT journey to financial independence, take advantage of our free initial meeting. Please call Panu on 03 9835 6000 or email to book a suitable time.

  • Taking time off work to start a family

  • Paying for children's education

  • Protecting your family’s future

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